Toll Processing

When is Toll Processing right for you?

Toll Processing, also known as toll manufacturing, is defined as a company with specialized equipment processing raw material or semi-finished goods for another company. In coil coating, it refers to Metal Coaters taking customer owned metals and applying unique finishes as well as performing slitting or embossing services.

There are many advantages to having your products processed by another company. While these advantages vary depending on the application, below are some of the most common reasons a company should consider outsourcing to a toll processing company:

  • No capital investment or depreciation for equipment upgrades
  • Personnel downsizing
  • Relieves existing floor space and plant capacity allowing expansion when desired
  • Increases operating capital by decreasing maintenance expenditures
  • Regulation changes for in house operations
  • Prefer predictable costs
  • See advantages of Prepaint

How to select a Toll Processing Company?

Your first priority when selecting a company to process your metal is not to select a company solely based on location or price, but to select a team of professionals who will act as an extension of your business ensuring that you thrive and succeed. Keep in mind; it is your chosen processor that is the last link between your customers and product defects. Your choice of processor should not only make your process easier, it should help you reduce your risk, give you a competitive advantage, and add to your bottom line.

When choosing a processor, it is essential to review quality assurance and control procedures. Only the most experienced and diligent companies make continuous improvements to their facilities and operations to avoid contamination, off-spec material, over-weight or under-weight, late shipments, etc. The ability to trace your product from the time of arrival through the departure is crucial.

When possible, a visit to a processing plant is a good idea. This should give you a clear picture of what your product will be exposed to and how it will be processed. In the vast majority of cases, a feasibility test will be required to determine pricing for large batches or continuous runs. If possible, try to have detailed specifications on maximum particle size, distribution or average size, moisture content, bulk density, temperature limitations, etc. Having this information will speed up the testing procedure considerably.

Why Choose Metal Coaters as your Toll Processing Company?

At Metal Coaters, we believe that in order for us to be an industry leader, we must elevate our customers to a level of success that surpasses their competitors. That commitment to success is centered upon a deep-rooted customer/supplier partnership. We allow manufacturers to focus on their core competencies—the design, production, and distribution of prepainted metal products—while we focus on state-of-the-art coil coating techniques, superior customer service, unrivaled flexibility, and a quality product. Oftentimes, these partnerships result in our customers seeing Metal Coaters as key extensions of their businesses, not only as an outsourcing solution. We value long-term relationships built on mutual trust, reliability, and value that allows our customers to improve their productivity, reduce costs, lower inventory expenses, and eliminate environmental emission concerns, simply by removing the painting process from their facilities.

As an added benefit, Metal Coaters offers access to an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and CoilTracker, an internet-based inventory management information system that allows customers to easily manage their unique prepainted metal requirements.

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