Tension Leveling

Tension Leveling

Metal Coaters offers tension leveling to provide critical surface tolerances on preprinted coils in all of our facilities.

What is tension leveling?

Leveling is a process designed for coil shape correction. It is achieved by utilizing a machine called a roller leveler. During the leveling process, the leveler bends the coil strip back and forth as it passes through two series of small diameter offset rolls which contact both the top and bottom sides of the metal coil surface as the substrate passes through the leveler. The process of leveling corrects shape issues to make the surface flat and relieves internal stress that causes the metal to twist and bow.

Where is it located on a coil coating line?

The leveling process on a coil coating line is normally positioned near the entry end of the line. The logic here is when applying coatings, it is best to start with a near perfect flat surface to ensure consistency of coating film / weight for consistent product performance.