More Service:

We believe in order for us to be an industry leader, we must elevate our customers to a level of success that surpasses their competitors. This commitment to success is centered upon a deep-rooted customer/supplier partnership.

We allow manufacturers to focus on their core competencies—the design, production, and distribution of Prepainted metal products—while we focus on state-of-the-art coil coating techniques, superior customer service, unrivaled flexibility, and a quality product. Oftentimes, these partnerships result in our customers seeing Metal Coaters as key extensions of their businesses, not only as an outsourcing solution.We value long-term relationships built on mutual trust, reliability, and value that allows our customers to improve their productivity, reduce costs, lower inventory expenses, and eliminate environmental emission concerns, simply by removing the painting process from their facilities.


Metal Coaters provides regionalized customer service groups on site at all locations. These experienced and dedicated representatives maintain a more customer focused mentality allowing for production scheduling to be controlled by those closest to the customer and their needs as well as for rapid response time.

Additionally, Metal Coaters offers business solutions that support customers’ needs for quality coating services that include:

  • Technical support
  • Electronic Data Interchange (Link to EDI)
  • Internet-based inventory management information system called CoilTracker
  • Vendor managed paint stocking programs to reduce lead times and improve delivery schedules