Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities:

In the Metal Coaters' process, a highly efficient Alkaline Cleaner is used to remove mill oils and surface contaminates from the substrate surface. Pretreatments and/or Conversion Coatings are applied to the substrate surface after cleaning and prior to painting to improve the surface reactivity of the metal substrate and to promote both paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Metal Coaters offers both RoHS compliant (Chrome Free) and traditional (Chromated) Pretreatments that are applied by either an immersion (Dip/ Squeegee) process, or by a roll application (Driedin- place) process to meet specific customer requirements.

Footnote: Pretreatment, Slitting and Embossing capabilities vary by location. Please contact your Account Manager for details.

Metal Coaters also offers Slitting and Embossing services. Embossing patterns include Stucco and Seville.