The coil coating process has been a proven method of applying high performance coatings over various metal substrates for many decades because the coils are uniformly cleaned, pretreated, and painted as a flat surface ensuring a secure bond to the metal. For the HVAC industry, the use of Prepainted coils means not only a better product appearance, but the benefits of higher product quality and performance, increased productivity, and numerous economic advantages through cost eliminations.

Better Product Appearance

Because coils are coated on both sides with coatings offered in various degrees of gloss, color, textures, lubricity, and flexibility, HVAC products made with Prepainted steel offer a better product appearance than those that are post painted.

Higher Product Quality & Performance

A better paint to steel bond, affords the product the ability to resist fading, corrosion and rust creep in the harshest environments. Likewise, the primer coat prevents the undercutting of paint further enhancing corrosion resistance and the durability of the product.

Increase in Productivity

Products can be completely assembled with Prepainted metal, including self-piercing fasteners matched to the color of the end product, eliminating the need for spot welding and post painted systems creating a more efficient manufacturing process.

Cost Eliminations

The use of Prepainted metal affords many economic advantages such as reducing work in-process inventory, reduced manufacturing cycle time, reduced environmental concerns and costs, reduction or elimination of disposable waste, improved metal die life and reduced maintenance costs. By removing the need for in-house paint lines, it not only improves manufacturing space constraints, but eradicates many costs associated with the paint line, including raw materials and labor costs. Additionally, a significant reduction in energy costs and possible insurance costs will be achieved.

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Courtesy of the NCCA website