Forms & Policies

Claims Policy

Metal Coaters, Inc. (MC) strives to supply each customer with prepainted coil that is defect free and suitable for the intended application. However, in light of the fact that the coil coating process is imperfect and that substrate quality issues can significantly affect the overall quality of product, it is very possible that imperfections may be encountered during processing of finished, coil coated product. When a rejection occurs due to a specific defect related to the coil coating process, a claim may be initiated with MC. All claim material must be quarantined immediately and preserved in a reasonable manner. It must be made available for inspection (if necessary) by an MC Representative. Material cannot be returned until authorized by MC. Return Authorization will not be provided by MC until the claim is both qualified and quantified. Please note that MC cannot accept responsibility, nor provide disposition, for any rejections of Prepainted metal that occur more than one year (365 days) from the time of shipment from MC. When disposition occurs a written copy of the MC Customer Claim/Complaint will be provided to explain the disposition. In the event that financial restitution is necessary, the agreed upon resolution is also recorded on that document. A copy of the same document is provided to the MC accounting department. Any further inquiries regarding the status of a credit memo or other financial document should be made to the accounting department. The Q.C. Control Number should be referenced when making an inquiry regarding credit for a material rejection.

Shipping & Receiving Policy

Metal Coaters must be notified of all incoming shipments. All inbound paperwork must clearly identify coil ownership, minimum decimal thickness, width, substrate type, temper/grade, quantity, producing mill, mill coil numbers, coil weights and liner footages. Coils must be shipped to the Coater eye-horizontal, tarped on a truck, or in a covered gondola rail car. All pricing must be mutually agreed upon before orders will be accepted for processing. The Customer will deliver to the Coater 100% of the material necessary to complete the order two weeks prior to the Coaters’ scheduled production date.

Storage Policy

  • For coils held less than 48 hours and not on site at the end of the month, Inbound and Outbound charges will apply but storage charges will be waived.
  • All aged material is subject to storage charges.
  • Inbound charges will be billed during the month of receipt
  • Monthly storage charges will be billed at the end of the month or at the time of shipment.
  • Outbound charges will be charged at the time of shipment
  • Payment Terms NET 30 days