Garage and Entry Doors

Prepainted garage door panels, slat door panels and corrugated sheet roll up doors benefit from and provide value through the coil coating processes:

  • Precision roll coating method that applies extremely controlled and uniform thicknesses of pretreatment, primer and top coat on the flat metal sheet, from edge to edge and which provides advanced corrosion resistance when compared to post painted products
  • Superior paint adhesion due very controlled and effective cleaning and pretreatment processes
  • Highly controlled and uniform Dry Film Thicknesses that provide excellent color consistency
  • Excellent paint flow and uniform appearance (i.e. no orange peel) that results from the roll coating application which applies a high shear to the paint
  • “Baked Enamel” like coatings that have excellent clack and fade characteristics, are cured at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit which result in a finish that is hard, scratch and stain resistant
  • Economic advantage over in-house painting operations or post-painted doors due to coil coatings greatly reduced application costs
  • Elimination of the added expense and inconveniences involved job site painting

The garage door industry and the environment also benefit from the coil coating process through:

  • Substantial Energy Savings vs. Post Painting
  • Trouble-Free Environmental Compliance
  • Minimized Waste and Emissions
  • 100% Transfer Efficiency of the Coatings
  • A closed loop process which allows for the efficient capturing of solvents and incineration heat recovery


Courtesy of the NCCA website