Coil Coating

Metal Coaters Coil Coating Process

Metal Coaters uses state-of-the-art techniques to clean, pre-treat, and roll-apply organic coatings through a continuous process before fabrication. This continuous coil coating process allows for a metal coil, of varying widths, to be unwound, top and bottom sides cleaned, chemically treated, primed, oven cured, top coated, oven cured again, rewound and packaged for shipment at a rate of approximately 700 feet per minute.


Since the process allows metals to be finished in one continuous pass through a sophisticated processing line, there is tremendous flexibility in how the metal is coated and the types of coatings. As a full service coil coater, Metal Coaters offers a complete line of coating finishes including Polyesters, Silicone Modified Polyesters (SMP), Fluorocarbons (PVDF) and Plastisol (PVC). Coatings are available for interior or exterior and for warranted or non-warranted applications. Prepainted coils can be printed, striped, and embossed to create special visual effects.

The following steps take place on a modern coating line:

  • Step One - Stitching the strip to the previous coil
  • Step Two - Cleaning the strip
  • Step Three - Power brushing
  • Step Four - Pre-treating with chemicals
  • Step Five - Drying the strip
  • Step Six - Applying primer on one or both sides


  • Step Seven - Curing (15-60 seconds)
  • Step Eight - Cooling the strip
  • Step Nine - Top coating on one or both sides
  • Step Ten - Second curing
  • Step Eleven - Cooling down to room temperature
  • Step Twelve - Rewinding of the coated coil

Courtesy of the NCCA's website