Welcome To Metal Coaters

As a building block in our life, metal comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but it’s the color that grabs your attention.

Whether subtle or vivid, old-fashioned or trendy, color is the one characteristic that always evokes a reaction to the product.

For Metal Coaters, coating metal is our way of life. We take steps to ensure a final product that meets the highest standards. But, we also know that it takes more than an attractive color. It’s the unparalleled attention to detail, customer service you can depend on, and confidence that comes with getting the right product when you expect it. With Metal Coaters, Color Counts but More Matters: more flexibility, more reliability, more service, and more quality. We work hard to uphold our brand promise of being the only coil coating company “Where More Than Color Matters.”

Experience the Metal Coaters’ difference and get more of what matters.